Arrangement of insurance / reinsurance for corporations


Services for Company like these:

  • Company which hopes to reduce their earthquake insurance premium it currently holds
  • Company which hopes to have an earthquake insurance but has not been able to enter a contract for the reason of a high risk
  • Company which hopes to set extension warranty, etc. on its own products or services to use insurance as a marketing tool.
  • Company that wishes to protect itself from unseen event of a cyber attack and/or its compensation from the event.
  • Company which hopes to cover its own specific risks for which insurers cannot underwrite insurances with ones for ordinary corporations with another specific insurance

Overview of the service

We will first organise a meet with the customer who hopes to newly enter an insurance, reconsider existing insurances or know whether there is an insurance for a specific risk, then to make an assessment on whether your company is appropriately implementing risk management.。
As there are also cases when insurance is not needed but in-house possession suffices for the potential risks, we will provide risk management comprehensively for you.



 Analysing the contents of existing contracts
 Evaluating your company’s system of risk management
 Analysing the pure / speculative risks your company holds
 Selecting insurance products out of a wide range of products, both domestic and international
 Proposing risk diversification / transfer utilizing insurance / reinsurance
 Acting supports related to contracts and settlement with overseas reinsurance companies

Examples of insurance products we handle

Business risk insurance in general for companies:
we provide insurance products with coverage for specific risks, such as assets a company owns, construction work, idle time, compensation of damages, or industrial accident compensation.
Cyber insurance / IT liability insurance:
we provide insurance products with coverage for specific IT related risks to companies such as damages caused by cyber-attacks to company’s investigation expenditures, compensation of damages, missed profits, or business suspension risk.
Credit insurance:
we provide insurances that pay insurance benefit for damages incurred through uncollectible accounts receivables in the case of bankruptcy of your customer, etc.
D&O insurance (directors and officers liability insurance):
we provided insurances that cover the economic loss in a case the liability for compensation of damages for corporate directors / officers is incurred.
Other customized insurances:
it is possible to design the insurance most appropriate to your company’s specific risks from scratch, sourced from domestic / overseas insurance companies.

Actual cases

For those companies please contact us

  • Companies wishing to reevaluate their current insurnace package to potentially reduce their premiums.
  • Companies who believe that earthquake cover is highly risky.
  • Companies who wish to use insurnace as a merketing tool or as a business selling point.
  • Companies who believe it is possible to reduce risk by insurnace and for compensation and cyber risk in IT businesses.
  • Companies who think that they can cover "special" risks that can not be accpted under normal conditions.