Welcome to Japan Risk Specialist Ltd.

Japan Risk Specialist Ltd (JRSL) is an international insurance and reinsurance broker delivering consulting and support services for business development through the arrangement of reinsurance to insurance companies, SASTICs (Small-amount Short-term Insurance Companies), cooperatives, mutual aid and general businesses. By utilising our networks in the insurance markets of London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan, JRSL delivers a powerful combination of broking expertise and consulting services across a range of industry sectors.

As a member of the Asia Affinity Holdings Ltd group we are also a member of ICMIF, working closely to support the cooperative and mutual insurance sector and attending ICMIF conferences and the Meetings Of Reinsurance Officials (MORO).

Risk scenarios that companies currently face are not just limited to natural disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons, but also extend to risks related to credit or liabilities, or uncertainties arising from business results. How to go about reducing these risks – or in other words, risk control – is a critical component of business management and a major focus of our skills and services.

Introducing reinsurance into one’s business does not simply equate to the transfer of risk elsewhere. Reinsurance can ensure stable business performance, complement your company’s credit rating, and help drive more successful business management and development.

We are ready to use our partnering skills and services to help you grow your business in today's challenging and rapidly changing business environment.

Japan Risk Specialist Ltd is registered with the Kanto Local Finance Bureau in accordance with the provisions of the Insurance Business Act.


Japan Risk Specialist Limited.

9F Ogawamachi Mécénat Building
1-7 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0052 Japan
Tel:+81 (0)3 6811-0960

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