Company Profile

Japan Risk Specialist Limited (JRSL)
is an international insurance and reinsurance broker headquartered in Ichigaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Company Profile

JRSL provides insurance and reinsurance services within Japan and across Asia utilising its global network of market leading partners to deliver solutions. We specialise in the setup and management of mutual aid and SASTICS, delivering services across a range of industry and community sectors from standard household to SME. JRSL work closely with communities supporting the delivery of insurance and reinsurance based security and sustainability solutions.

As part of the Asia Affinity Group, one of Asia’s leading insurance and reinsurance companies, we are a part of ICMIF, representing the cooperative and mutual insurance sector (

“The global mutual and cooperative insurance industry continued to expand its global reach and socio-economic impact in 2014”, according to the latest Global Mutual Market Share report published by ICMIF (

In November 2009, we became a supporting member of the Small Amount & Short Term Insurance Association of Japan.

In March 2010, we became a regular member of the Japan Insurance Brokers Association. (Japan Insurance Brokers Association website)

Management Team

Graham Clark Graham Clark
Naoyoshi Araki Naoyoshi Araki
Representative Director
Andrew Leslie Andrew Leslie
Fumiaki Akaike Fumiaki Akaike

Access Map

9F Ogawamachi Mécénat Building 1-7 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052

  •  Transportation
  • Ogawamachi Subway Station, Awajicho Subway Station
  • Shin-Ochanomizu Subway Station
  • Kanda Subway Station, Kanda JR Station

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