Director’s Message

Technological Innovation, diversification, enterprises, globalisation and climate change. These are just some of the risks that surround us every day and it’s growing. Day by day these risks become larger, more frequent and more complex. Even now the environment surrounding insurance has become complicated, the fundamental idea of helping in restoration at the time of disaster should have been taken over.
However, this is where insurance was born in, reducing the risk of potential disaster and to have the funds available when the unforeseen event occurs. From this, it has developed to having more varying policies catered to each client from varying field such as, insurance offering, organisation creation, reinsurance arrangements etc.



In modern days, the hazard scenarios corporations currently face are not just limited to natural disasters such as earthquake or typhoon but also include risks concerning credit or debt and cyber risks.
The way to avoid such hazards and proceed with your business, namely “risk control” is a very important component in today’s businesses, a field we are best at.
As the ages change, insurance has to change, too.
We as an insurance specialist will realize your “What if that’s possible?”.


Management Team

会長 グラハム·クラーク

Graham Clark

In the early 1970s Mr. Clark started his reinsurance career as a marine broker at Lloyd’s in London and started working in Tokyo in the mid 1970s. Since then he has worked in Asia and engaged in reinsurance and alternative insurance sales. Inaugurated chairman of Japan Risk SPECIALIST Ltd. in 2008 .
He is the director of Coastal Marine Asia Inc. and CEO of Asia Affinity Holdings Co., Ltd.

代表取締役社長 荒木直義

Representative Director
Naoyoshi Araki

Graduate from Faculty of Economics, Keio University.
After working for about 10 years as a trader of derivative financial products at a US-based securities company. In 1998 he began his reinsurance career at a reinsurance company in Germany, working in technical insurance, property insurance, arbitrary reinsurance and underwriting work. In 2007 he was engaged in reinsurance brokerage at Aon Risk Specialist, in 2008 he took over as President. In 2009, with the change of shareholders from Aon, Mr. Araki is present as the representative director of Japan Risk Specialist Co., Ltd.

取締役 アンドリュー・レズリー

Andrew Leslie

Working in the insurance industry from the 60’s, Mr. Andrew Leslie has worked in multiple insurance companies. Leslie & Godwin for 20 years and then moved to Morgan Lead & Coleman Co.
Inaugurated as a director of Japan Risk SPECIALIST Co.,Ltd. in 2008.

顧問 赤池文明

Fumiaki Akaike

Graduating from the faculty of economics at Sophia University in 1974. Joined Yasuda Marine Fire Insurance (Now known as Japan Nipponkoa Co., Ltd). For over 35 years, engaged in insurance and risk management of large-scale projects such as maritime insurance and plants, mainly in the non-life insurance industry. After retiring in 2009, he assumed office as Director and President on insurance management services Co., Ltd. (Retired in 2013). In 2014 he became an advisor to Japan Risk SPECIALIST Co.,Ltd.


COMPANY NAME Japan Risk Specialist Limited
ADDRESS 9F Ogawamachi Mécénat Building 1-7 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052
Business ・Consultancy
・Insurance & Reinsurance
・Captive establishment
Number of Employees ・10
 - Qualified insurance broker: 6
 - Qualified Life insurance broker: 2
Main Clients ・S.A.S.T.I.
・Domestic and overseas insurance companies
・Insurance broker Kanto Finance Bureau No. 48
・Full Member of the Japan Insurance Mediation Association
・Supporting member of the Small Amount Short Term Insurance Association
・Privacy Mark holders
・General Association of Risk Management
・RIMS Japan Branch
・Japan Insurance Society


April 2006 The division was incorporated as a separate entity and registered as an insurance broker with the local finance bureau under the name Aon Risk Specialist.
December 2008 Aon Affinity Japan withdrew its 100% stake from Aon-Risk Specialist.
April 2009 The company continued to engage in business operations and then made a fresh start with the 100% acquisition by Asia Risk Technologies.